Applied Positive Psychology for European Schools

European Conference on Positive Psychology in Education



The PositivitiES team organize  European Conference on Positive Psychology and Education  in the frame of the European Conference of Positive Psychology. Resources of the project would not allow a more complex conference. The ENPP European Network of Positive Psychology supported the initiative of PositivitiES team to propose the event as a pre-conference workshop to the VII ECPP organization.


The European Conference is the most relevant event at international level on the field of positive psychology. It celebrates every two years, alternating with the International Conference on Positive Psychology organized by the IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association) in the USA.

PositivitiES team presents a proposal for a Pre-conference Workshop, with Antonelle Delle Fave (UMilano) as chairman, because she is a relevant scientific in the field of positive psychology. All partners participate.

The event is a 3 hour workshop, structured in presentation of the project, presentation on self determination, presentation of results in schools, and additionally, some activities are alternated with more theoretical presentations.



 POSItivitiES: a training program to apply Positive Psychology in European schools 

By Antonella Delle Fave
University of Milano
Department of Pathophysiology and Transplantation
"Luigi Sacco" Hospital, Polo Didattico Universitario

School intervention programs based on positive psychology are rapidly spreading, and their benefits have been empirically demonstrated. However, most European schools are not familiar with them. Designing a positive psychology program for European schools requires to identify topics and contents that can be shared across the continent’s cultural perspectives. POSItivitiES aims at meeting this challenge. Supported by a European Comenius grant, researchers and teachers from three countries – Denmark, Italy and Spain - joined their efforts to develop a positive psychology training course for European teachers. The training aims at improving the quality of learning and teaching experience by supporting psychological resources such as attention, awareness, emotion regulation, self-efficacy, self-determination, flow, engagement, meaning and cooperation. It comprises eight modules, each of them addressing specific resources through a theoretical introduction, exercises for individual practice, and pedagogical tools for application at school. Over 400 teachers successfully participated in the program till now. This workshop offers you the opportunity to get a first-hand view of the strategies that can help teachers create positive learning experiences at school. We hope that this event will represent the first step for the creation of a European Network of schools actively working on Positive Psychology in Education.




                           Workshop Amsterdam




Workshop in ECCP Amsterdam.

Date: Tuesday, 1st July 2014

Time: 9:00 to 12:00 h

Place: Amsterdam

Chairman: Antonella Delle Fave



Antonella delle Fave


Part I - Project rationale and development

Toni Ventura





Part II - Theoretical background

Antonella delle Fave


Activity 2



Part II - Educational framework

Hans Henrik


Activity 3



Part IV - Implications and future steps

Toni Ventura


Part V - Example of experience of PositivitiES: San Jose school in Badajoz

Teresa Gonzalez


Part VI - Results of the implementation experience in the three countries

Jette, Irene, Elena


Brief discussion and final conclusions

Antonella delle Fave



Access the report with presentations 

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