Applied Positive Psychology for European Schools

PositivitiES in the VII European Conference on Positive Psychology


The PositivitiES team organize  European Conference on Positive Psychology and Education  in the frame of the European Conference of Positive Psychology. Resources of the project would not allow a more complex conference. The ENPP European Network of Positive Psychology supported the initiative of PositivitiES team to propose the event as a pre-conference workshop to the VII ECPP organization.

The European Conference is the most relevant event at international level on the field of positive psychology. It celebrates every two years, alternating with the International Conference on Positive Psychology organized by the IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association) in the USA.

PositivitiES team presents a proposal for a Pre-conference Workshop, with Antonelle Delle Fave (UMilano) as chairman, because she is a relevant scientific in the field of positive psychology. All partners participate.

The event is a 3 hour workshop, structured in presentation of the project, presentation on self determination, presentation of results in schools, and additionally, some activities are alternated with more theoretical presentations.


 POSItivitiES: a training program to apply Positive Psychology in European schools 

By Antonella Delle Fave
University of Milano
Department of Pathophysiology and Transplantation
"Luigi Sacco" Hospital, Polo Didattico Universitario

School intervention programs based on positive psychology are rapidly spreading, and their benefits have been empirically demonstrated. However, most European schools are not familiar with them. Designing a positive psychology program for European schools requires to identify topics and contents that can be shared across the continent’s cultural perspectives. POSItivitiES aims at meeting this challenge. Supported by a European Comenius grant, researchers and teachers from three countries – Denmark, Italy and Spain - joined their efforts to develop a positive psychology training course for European teachers. The training aims at improving the quality of learning and teaching experience by supporting psychological resources such as attention, awareness, emotion regulation, self-efficacy, self-determination, flow, engagement, meaning and cooperation. It comprises eight modules, each of them addressing specific resources through a theoretical introduction, exercises for individual practice, and pedagogical tools for application at school. Over 400 teachers successfully participated in the program till now. This workshop offers you the opportunity to get a first-hand view of the strategies that can help teachers create positive learning experiences at school. We hope that this event will represent the first step for the creation of a European Network of schools actively working on Positive Psychology in Education.




Access the report with presentations 

Presentation of PositivitiES to families

PositivitiES project has started the second year of the project with a number of participating schools that overcomes PositivitiEs initial objectives.

The high involvement of schools boosts their interest in extending the project to families. PositivitiES team in Spain responds to the high interest and involvement of participating schools offering presentations of the project. Some of these talks are oriented to families, as a response to what schools are demanding with the aim of informing families about the project.

Two talks hold on 7th-8th November in Bera and Pamplona, and a couple of new talks oriented to families are scheduled for January 2014.

Flow Foundation, that is presenting these talks, is aligned with the commitment of the participating schools that consider the participation of families in schools projects as a key aspect for a balanced, coherent and meaningful development and learning experiences of children. 

We are very grateful for these great involvement, interest and the high participation in these events.



Workshop in Iseo, Brescia

The Workshop organized by the project PositivitiES, oriented to teachers interested in the project,  took place in Iseo on the 14th November 2013. The mid-day event was presented by Mario Maviglia, Director of The Provincial School Office of Brescia, and chaired by Rosa Vitale, Director of the Instituto Comprensivo de Iseo, which is partner of the Positivities project.

Antonella Delle Fave (University of Milano) opened the interventions, introducing the concepts of positive psychology in which the on-line course developed by the team project is based.

Toni Ventura (Flow Foundation) explained the motivation of the project and the experience in Spain during the first year of PositivitiES, highlighting the results of the first Pilot course that was carried out between April-June 2013.

Andrea Fianco (University of Milano) presented as well the results of the first pilot course in Italy, and Elena Arrivabene (Instituto Comprensivo di Iseo) presented the plan for the exploitation phase, that has started recently with more participating schools.


Workshop iseo2Workshop iseo3Workshop iseo1

Workshop iseo4Workshop iseo5

PositivitiES_Exploitation Phase presentation in Schools

Los partners del proyecto PositivitiES en España (Fundación Fluir y UPNA) organizaron los días 23 y 24 de Septiembre las sesiones de presentación a las escuelas participantes de la Fase Piloto II que comienza este mes de Octubre.

A los equipos de docencia de las escuelas que participaron en la Fase Piloto I de PositivitiES (3 escuelas públicas y 4 ikastolas con 78 docentes en total) se suman en esta segunda fase casi una decena más, sin haber cerrado todavía las cifras definitivas.

La participación de las escuelas en la Fase II consiste en a) la realización de la Formación On-Line que se está desarrollando en el marco del proyecto “Applied Positive Psychology in European Schools”; b) su aportación a la base de datos de recursos pedagógicos y c) la evaluación de la formación y el proyecto.

La Formación On-Line está constituida por 8 Módulos, cada uno de los cuales consta de tres secciones –learning, practice y meaning-y a través de los cuales se describen los componentes clave que ayudan a las personas a desarrollar su potencial. La formación da un peso equitativo a la formación del docente como persona y como profesional y a la aplicación en la práctica educativa y en las aulas.

Nuestro especial agradecimiento a las personas que con entusiasmo se unen a este proyecto en esta nueva fase y transmitirles igualmente nuestro optimismo en el cumplimiento de sus expectativas. Gracias a todas y todos.

(text in English below photos)

 Septiembre BeraSeptiembre Bera2Paz Ziganda Septiembre









 The PositivitiES Spanish Partnership (Flow Foundation, Public University of Navarre and Navarre Ikastolas Federation) presented last 23-24 September to participating schools, the Exploitation Phase which begins in October.

Nearly a dozen more schools are joining PositivitiES so around 20 schools- without having closed the final figures yet -are participating in the course 2013-2014, .

The involvement of schools in Phase II consists of a) the completion of the On-Line Training "Applied Positive Psychology in European Schools", that is being developed by the project partnership; b) their contribution to the pedagogical resources database c) training and project evaluation activities.

The On-Line Training is composed by 8 Modules, each of which consists of 3 sections-learning, practice and meaning-and through which the key components that help people to develop their full potential are described. The training is focused in the personal and professional teachers’ development as well as in the application in educational practice and in the classrooms.

We thanks especially to teachers who enthusiastically join this project in this new phase and we also wish to convey our optimism in meeting their expectations. Thanks to everyone.

Invitation to Schools for participating in Pilot II

PositivitiES is an open project that aims at engaging schools and teachers in a training experience and in a collaborative development of a new positive psychology-based teachers training program.

What is the Pilot II phase?

Pilot II phase is the period of the project in which a larger number of schools (minimum 20) participate in the training program developed by Positivities during the Pilot I phase. Schools contribute with their participation in the course to the improvement, validation and extension of the pedagogical resources database.

The training program consist in a positive psychology-based OnLine Teachers Training, with 8 Units, which are the following:1. Introduction to Positive psychology-2.Mindfulness-3.Emotion regulation-4. Motivation-5. Attention and engagement-6. Flow experience-7. Sharing experiences-8.Towards a positive education.

The Programme is structured in four sections: I) Learning, acquiring new knowledge. II) Practice, learning from the experience.  III) Meaning, giving sense with meaningful application in classrooms. IV) Sharing, exchanging experiences with others

How do teachers participate in Pilot II

Teachers not only receive training, but their role in the project is more comprehensive and ambitious, becoming a co-developer of what will be the final project outcome.

So we greatly value that schools wishing to participate in this pilot II phase, have a willingness to interact with the team, and openly show their experience in the project and contributing with their assessments in the following ways:imagen 3participacin de escuelas

I) The first form of participation is involvement in training, as direct user, and in this case teachers responsibilities are a) Completing the OnLine Teachers Training and b) Apply a PosES programme in classrooms

II) Participation as co-developer, contributing with ideas and activities to include in the pedagogical resources database

III) Participation as evaluator and co-developer:

PosititvitiES project has the objetive of assessing a) the OnLine course; b)The Project itself and c) The efficacy and impact of the training in teachers wellbeing, satisfaction with life and motivation.


Please, contact us to express your interest in participation; we will send you more information and the Participation Form

Contact: Raquel Albertín,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dissemination activites of PositivitiES in Conferences

The Positivities team has participated during the month of May at various conferences, presenting and disseminating this project. We have been in:


CIIEB2The “III Congreso Internacional de Convivencia Escolar. Contextos psicológicos y educativos” (III School Coexistence International Congress. Educational and psychological contexts), held in Almeria (Spain) between 7 and May 9, 2013. We participated with the communication titled "Positivities: Positive Psychology resources for intra and interpersonal scholar education”

The “I Congreso Internacional de Inteligencia Emocional y Bienestar” (I International Congress of Emotional Intelligence and Well-being), held in Zaragoza (Spain) between 17 and 19 May, 2013. We participated with the communication entitled "Emotional education in Positivities project. Positive Psychology Resources for European schools "and we also contributed with a Poster, that was presented to the public in a dynamic session.

Thanks to this conference, some schools have met the project and were interested in participating in the pilot II phase.

The “II International Conference on Positive Psychology in the Czech Republic”, held in Brno (Czech Republic), between 22 and 24 May, 2013. We participated with the communication entitled "Positivities. Applied Positive Psychology for European Schools. Needs analysis and identification of teachers training course elements for positive education" in a communications table coordinated by Toni Ventura.

Thanks to this conference, also some schools in France, Macedonia and Czech Republic have shown their interest in participating in the following phases of the project.

(Texto en español a continuación de las photos)

In Almería and Zaragoza


 CIIEB ToniRaquelCIIEB Poster


 In Brno, II International conference on Positive Psychology in Czech Republic

 CPPC AntonellaToniRaquel



El equipo de PositivitiES ha participado en el mes de Mayo en varias conferencias, presentando este proyecto. Hemos estado en:

El “III Congreso Internacional de Convivencia Escolar. Contextos psicológicos y educativos”, que se celebró en Almería entre el 7 y el 9 de mayo de 2013. Participamos con la comunicación con título “PositivitiES: Recursos de la psicología positiva para la educación intra e interpersonal en las escuelas”.

El “I Congreso Internacional de Inteligencia Emocional y Bienestar”, que se celebró en Zaragoza, del 17 al 19 de Mayo de 2013. Participamos con la comunicación con título: “La educación emocional a partir del proyecto PositivitiES. Recursos de la psicología positiva para escuelas europeas” y con el Poster del proyecto, que se presentó al público en una sesión dinámica.

Gracias a este congreso, algunas escuelas han conocido el proyecto y se han interesado por participar en la fase Piloto II.

La “II International Conference on Positive Psychology in the Czech Republic”, que se celebró en Brno, entre el 22 y 24 de Mayo de 2013. Participamos con la comunicación con título ”PositivitiES. Applied Positive Psychology for European Schools. Needs analysis and identification of teachers training course elements for positive education” en la mesa de comunicaciones coordinada por Toni Ventura.

Gracias a este congreso, también algunas escuelas de Francia, Macedonia y República Checa se han interesado por participar en el proyecto en las siguientes fases.

PositivitES_Meetings with Schools in Pilot I

Raquel Albertin. Fundación Fluir. Durante unos días, entre el 31 de mayo y 5 de junio, personas de la UPNA, de la Federación Navarra de Ikastolas y de la Fundación Fluir, hemos estado visitando las 7 escuelas participantes en la Fase Piloto I en Navarra, para que nos contaran su experiencia en este primer contacto con el proyecto PositivitiES.

Parte de los equipos de docencia de estas escuelas que participan en PositivitiES, iniciaron el Curso OnLine para profesorado “Psicología Positiva aplicada a la Educación” el pasado 29 de abril y que finaliza el 23 de Junio.

Las reuniones han sido muy participativas y animadas, y por ambas partes, de la escuela y del equipo del proyecto han sido muy útiles de cara a la finalización de esta fase piloto I y de preparación de la siguiente Fase Piloto II, que comenzaremos en Octubre, con más escuelas y más docentes involucrados.

Desde aquí mostrar el agradecimiento a las personas que desde las escuelas están haciendo un esfuerzo enorme por ayudarnos en el proyecto, considerando la época del curso en la que les hemos pedido esta participación. Nuestro sincero y afectuoso reconocimiento a esta dedicación y entusiasmo con el que están contribuyendo a la creación de esta formación de profesorado que consideramos tan necesaria y relevante.

Durante las reuniones de trabajo, se dedicó un parte del tiempo a hacer una evaluación cualitativa de las semanas del curso transcurridas hasta la fecha, se han recogido sugerencias que pueden mejorar la experiencia del profesorado en la realización del a Fase II, y han surgido, en base a las conversaciones, buenas ideas que valoraremos para poner en marcha y mejorar el proyecto. También hemos podido responder a inquietudes del profesorado sobre el detalle de la fase de puesta en práctica, principalmente.

En nuestro próximo encuentro, el 24 de Junio, explicaremos con mayor detalle a todos y todas participantes la siguiente Fase Piloto II, en la que se transferirá a la práctica del aula lo aprendido en el curso.

You can read this entry in English after following photos


Ricardo Baroja                                Erentzun                                     Labiaga

escuela beraescuela erentzun escuela labiaga


foto grupo Erentzun

Grupo de Erentzun


For a few days, between May 31 and June 5, people from the Public University of Navarra, Navarre Federation of Ikastolas and the Flow Foundation, have been visiting the schools that are participating in the Pilot Phase I in Navarra, with the objective of exchanging their experience in this first contact with the project PositivitiES.

These schools enrolled the Pilot I on the 29th of April, and until the 24th of June, they are participating in the OnLine Course for Teachers on “Applied Positive Psychology to Education”

The meetings have been very participatory and lively, and for both PosES team and schools, have been very helpful for facing the completion of the Pilot I phase and the preparation for the next Pilot II phase, that will begin in October, with more schools and more teachers involved.

We want to show our appreciation to teachers who are making an enormous effort to help in the project, considering the time of year in which we have asked for this participation. Our sincere and affectionate recognition of this dedication and enthusiasm with which they are contributing to the creation of this teacher training that we consider as necessary and relevant.

During the meetings, we invested some time in making a qualitative assessment of the course elapsed to date, we have collected suggestions that can improve the experience of teachers in the completion of a Phase II, and some good ideas have emerged during conversations that we are assessing to implement and improve the project. We were also able to respond to teachers concerns about the detail of the implementation Pilot II and the practice in classrooms.

In our next Worksop on June 24, we will explain in detail to everyone the Pilot II Phase, in which teachers will apply to classrooms what they have learned and practiced throughout the course.

PositivitiES: Project launched


PositivitiES project held the kick-off meeting on December 2012 in Barcelona. 

The kick-off meeting was the opportunity for all partners to actively participate and cooperate to define next activities and furthers details of the project. This meeting was the first face-to-face meeting within the project and the main goal was to start defining concrete strategies and approach to guarantee productive cooperation and effective contributions to the different workpackages. 

The main tasks addressed during this first phase of the project are related to the need analysis and users requirements. A questionnaire has been prepared in order to collect information from schools which help the consortium to define the best content of the course based on Positive Psychology. Teachers from primary and secondary schools will be asked about school emotional climate factors, engagement and quality of school projects, activities and tasks and about interactions among the community members, teachers, students and families. 

On the other hand, the Dissemination Work Package is progressing, and thanks to this work a project's website is available for the public. It aims at informing interested teachers and school's members on the project achievements and progress. People will find on the website information about the launching of the training activities on positive psychology and education, as well as on the planned events in the participating countries. 

The partners are going to have the next physical meeting on February 15th to analyse the results of the needs analysis task, and considering them to define the concrete contents of the training material. 

Additionally to the work activities, the partners had the chance to meet each other the previous night to the kick-off meeting during a dinner enternained with a live jazz concert. Music can be one of the great sources of optimal experience and flow.... 

By the way... some Positive Psychology tips discovered in a bar close to the meeting place. The way for authentic happiness is also in Barcelona's bar corners...

bar pp

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