Applied Positive Psychology for European Schools

How to participate

POSitivitiES is a project open for all European Schools. Our aim is to contribute to the development of the European Network of Positive Schools.

All  enthusiastic schools willing to learn more and to apply positive psychology methods and knowledge can participate and contribute to the project joining in Pilot II phase that will start on Octiber 2013.


What is the Pilot II phase?

Pilot II phase is the period of the project in which a larger number of schools (minimum 20) participate in the training program developed by Positivities during the Pilot I phase. Schools contribute with their participation in the course to the improvement, validation and extension of the pedagogical resources database.

The training program consist in a positive psychology-based OnLine Teachers Training, with 8 Units, which are the following:1. Introduction to Positive psychology-2.Mindfulness-3.Emotion regulation-4. Motivation-5. Attention and engagement-6. Flow experience-7. Sharing experiences-8.Towards a positive education.

The Programme is structured in four sections: I) Learning, acquiring new knowledge. II) Practice, learning from the experience.  III) Meaning, giving sense with meaningful application in classrooms. IV) Sharing, exchanging experiences with others

How do teachers participate in Pilot II

Teachers not only receive training, but their role in the project is more comprehensive and ambitious, becoming a co-developer of what will be the final project outcome.

So we greatly value that schools wishing to participate in this pilot II phase, have a willingness to interact with the team, and openly show their experience in the project and contributing with their assessments in the following ways:imagen 3participacin de escuelas

I) The first form of participation is involvement in training, as direct user, and in this case teachers responsibilities are a) Completing the OnLine Teachers Training and b) Apply a PosES programme in classrooms

II) Participation as co-developer, contributing with ideas and activities to include in the pedagogical resources database

III) Participation as evaluator and co-developer:

PosititvitiES project has the objetive of assessing a) the OnLine course; b)The Project itself and c) The efficacy and impact of the training in teachers wellbeing, satisfaction with life and motivation.


Please, contact us to express your interest in participation; we will send you more information and the Participation Form

Ms. Raquel Albertin

Fundacion Fluir - Flow Foundation

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +34 936505471

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