Applied Positive Psychology for European Schools

Objectives of POSitivitiES

Project Main Goal 

To develop and evaluate a methodology to introduce positive psychology methods and resources in the European schools by integrating training, self-experience and practice. 

Project specific goals 

1- To improve the level of knowledge of Positive Psychology among the teachers, by developing and evaluating a training course on Positive Psychology specially oriented to educators. The course will introduce the theoretical and applied basis of fruitful cognitive, emotional, social and physical development based in the methods and interventions of positive psychology. The course will be available on-line and at least in four European languages (English, Spanish, Danish, Italian). 

2- To encourage and help teachers to adopt themselves the methods, healthy skills and habits of Positive Psychology, shifting to a positive focus in approaching their personal and professional lives.  A specific on-line coaching programme will be developed for this purpose. 

3- To develop a positive psychology pedagogical and didactical resources database, to be accessible on-line by all European Schools. The goal is to offer teachers practical resources and interventions for positive psychology application in a daily basis. 

4- Directly testing and evaluating by pilot experiences in 6 schools and 50 teachers in the countries of the partners. The direct testing will serve to generate a second extended version of the materials. 

5- Exploitation of the programme in more than 20 schools, 150 teachers, involving more than 3000 pupils, evaluating and assessing the results and impact in a monitored way. 

6- To develop an on-line version of the training material and resources, to be accessible at European level, together with social networking tools to facilitate exchange and cooperation. The structure of the on-line tools will specially consider the requirements of reducing the cost of translation to additional languages. 

7- Dissemination, by developing a project website, organising workshops, a European Conference on Positive Psychology and Education, creating a database of resources, and the creation of an European Network of Positive Psychology in Schools. 

8- Implementing an additional exploitation plan to impact a high number of schools in Europe, influencing the education policy makers, facilitating translation to other languages, stimulating the participation by means of the Web Site, the Workshops, the Conferences, distribution of leaflets, and by promoting two campaigns at European level (Gratefulness in The Classroom and The Optimistic Classroom).

Target of the project 

The project will be focused on primary and secondary education schools. 

Other Future Goals 

The project results will be used to establish the basis of a future European Network of Positive Psychology in Schools, a transnational network for the introduction of Positive Psychology in education, for the exchange of experiences, resources and research. The organisation of the European Conference on Positive Psychology in Education will be the starting point for this long term initiative. The main goals of the future platform will be to stimulate synergies between schools, European research organizations, promote public-private partnerships, to coordinate more effective transnational research activities, to define a European Strategic Research Agenda for PP in Education, and to become a consultancy organization of the European Commission for Positive Psychology and Education. 

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This site reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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